What Is Coaching?

Should it really take years of therapy for your daughter to feel better? Or put her on medication?

How long should your daughter have to struggle with her mental health?

What if there was another way that didn’t have to be so hard?

There is another way and it’s a completely new approach (that no one is talking about) that gets your daughter living the life she’s truly meant to live.

To learn more about my approach, watch my Masterclass.

Healing: The New Medicine for Anxiety and Depression


Group/Private Coaching

  • 12-week coaching program which includes:
  • Combination of private and group coaching
  • Unlimited access and support
  • Monthly parent zoom calls to best support your daughter in the program

Is Your Daughter a Good Fit for Coaching?

  • Your daughter must be serious about wanting help
  • She must be willing and ready to put in the effort
  • Your daughter must be committed to changing her life

What Your Daughter Can Experience

  • Confidence and opening of the heart for self-love
  • Healing from past trauma and deep-rooted pain
  • Gratitude for herself and her life
  • Healing from depression and anxiety
  • Deep inner peace and life enjoyment
  • Awakening to the truth of who she really is

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