I was inspired to become a coach because when I was growing up, I did not have role models for the support and guidance I desperately needed, and no real confidants except my friends. When I was in high school and throughout my 20’s, I struggled a lot with anxiety, depression, friends, self-esteem, trusting myself, finding my inner voice, and all the ways I repeatedly disempowered and abandoned myself.

In my 30’s, I searched for meaning and purpose because I could no longer go through my life the way I was living it. Over time, I completely transformed my entire life.  I saw there was an important need to help girls heal from anxiety, depression, and low self-worth.

I became a transformation coach to help meet that need. My purpose is to help girls heal from mental health challenges and their unprocessed emotional pain, which is an essential part of embracing and moving through life in their true power. I support girls who are feeling overwhelmed and who lack healthy self-esteem. I also guide the girls I work with to create a strong mindset, vision, and daily practices they can easily integrate into their lives and nourish them for years to come.

I love sharing the tools I used to transform my own life as well as the teachings from my master’s program in Spiritual Psychology. I rely on my intuition to guide me in helping girls see and unfold their highest potential and true greatness.

When I’m not coaching girls, I can be found on the beach with my adorable dog, Annabelle, riding my bike, practicing yoga, and furthering my own personal development.